How to Report an Incident

The Hate/Bias Response Program is designed for UCSC students to report hate- or bias-motivated incidents on campus, at University-sponsored activities, or within the broader Santa Cruz community. 

If you are a student and believe you have been the target of a hate- or bias-motivated incident, or you are a community member and have witnessed an incident targeting a student, you may bring the incident to the attention of the Hate/Bias Response Team:

Fill out an electronic or a paper reporting form*

     Dean of Students
     245 Hahn Student Services
     Phone: (831) 459-4446 / Fax: (831) 459-3188

*If you do not want to use the form, you can still submit an incident report to the SJA office by phone, email, fax or dropping it off at the Dean of Students office.

Confidentiality of Reports

All reports are confidential to the extent permitted by law and University policy. Personal information will not be shared with others except with those University staff who have a business need to know, such as those involved with investigating a report, responding to student support needs, or assessing disciplinary action. Any student’s personal information gathered during the review of an alleged bias incident will be subject to disclosure only to the extent permitted by law such as the Family Education Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA) or University policy.