Hate/Bias Response Team

The Hate/Bias Response Team is a group of administrators who support and guide students seeking assistance in determining how to handle a bias incident. Members of the Hate/Bias Response Team will respond to reported bias incidents in the following ways:

  1. Refer incident reporters to campus resources for support and guidance.
  2. Refer incident to relevant campus administrative bodies for policy review.
    • If an incident involves an element that raises to the level of a policy violation where disciplinary action would be taken, the Hate/Bias Response Team will refer the case to the appropriate campus units that govern and oversee applicable policies in the Student Code of Conduct and Nondiscrimination policy.

3. Convene a community outreach and response team to discuss solutions and develop effective programming to address existing campus climate issues.

    • Hate/bias incident data will be used to develop community educational and outreach programs.