University Policies

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UCSC Principles of Community

The University of California, Santa Cruz expressly prohibits students from engaging in conduct constituting unlawful discrimination, harassment or bias. In keeping with the UCSC Principles of Community, we expect students and their guests to refrain from any acts or behaviors that are directed at other members of the campus community, and that result in unlawful discrimination, harassment or bias for an individual or group, and/or that substantially disrupt University operations or interfere with the rights of others. The campus does not seek to limit freedom of speech but rather strives to ensure that all members of the campus community are able to participate in University programs and activities to the fullest extent possible.

UCSC expects that every campus member will practice these Principles of Community.

UC Regents Policy: Principles Against Intolerance

UCSC expects that every campus member will adhere to the policies outlined in the Principles Against Intolerance

Related UCSC Policies

The following related policies can be found in the UCSC Code of Student Conduct. If a hate/bias incident violates any of these policies within the UCSC Code of Student Conduct (including federal/state law) or is perpetrated in conjunction with a violation of University policy, discipline may include enhanced sanctions (see Code of Student Conduct Code Section 104.90, Enhanced Sanctions). Law enforcement will be involved as appropriate.

  • 102.04(a) & 102.04(b) - Theft/damage
  • 102.07 - Housing Policy/Terms and Conditions
  • 102.08(a, b, c) - Physical assault, threats, threats to health and safety
  • 102.09 - Harassment
  • 102.091 - UC Policy on Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment
  • 102.10 - Stalking
  • 102.11 - Other Harassment
  • 102.13 - Obstruction/Disruption
  • 102.14 - Disorderly/Lewd conduct
  • 102.15 - Disturbing the pease
  • 102.16 - Failure to Comply/Failure to Identify
  • 102.32 - Blocking/Impeding Access
  • 102.35 - Other policies
  • 102.36 - Committing a crime on campus
  • 102.37 - Committing a crime off-campus

Faculty Code of Conduct: This University policy addresses 1) professional rights of faculty; 2) faculty responsibilities, ethical principles, and types of unacceptable behavior; and 3) enforcement and sanctions applicable to unacceptable faculty behavior. (pdf)

Hate Crime Laws