What Should I Do?

What should I do if someone I know was the target of a hate crime or hate-motivated act?

The first thing to do is help them with any negative emotions they may be experiencing. For example try to delicately, reinforce that the incident was not their fault, by listening to them without judgment, and by expressing your support. Encourage the person to report the incident or seek medical attention or counseling if they need it. It can be very helpful to the person if you offer to go with them and help them along the way.

What if I think someone I know has committed a hate crime?

We understand it can be a difficult decision to report a friend, but please keep in mind that no one has the right to violate another person. Consider your options: you can choose to do nothing, confront the person, or report the incident. Remember, you can always report the incident anonymously.

Should I report bias incidents to the campus police?

Yes.  It's extremely important that all bias incidents and hate crimes be reported to the campus administration (via the Report Form) and/or University Police as soon as possible. Often, an incident involving use of a racial slur  escalates to a hate crime later on.  Unless Campus Police are made aware of an incident, there is little they can do to prevent future events.

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